For the Fourth of July, Jeremy and I headed down to Cabo for some fun & relaxation!  It was our first time to Cabo and we both really enjoyed it!  We actually stayed at a resort in San Jose del Cabo (which is near the airport and about 20 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas), and we’d make the quick drive down to Cabo San Lucas whenever we wanted to hang out there.  We spent most of our time by the pool and at the beach, with me working on a much needed tan.  We did go jet skiing on our last day and saw some “flying stingrays.”  Did you know stingrays can jump out of the water?!  I had no idea!

I usually like to take my camera everywhere and take pictures of everything, but this time I mostly left my camera in our room and just relaxed.  I couldn’t not take any pictures, though, so here are a few pictures from our trip. =)

Boats at the marina

Loved eating & hanging out at The Office.  We loved the food & drinks, enjoyed the music & entertainment, and our servers were so nice!

We took two Cabo Escape cruises….a snorkeling cruise & a sunset cruise.  Both were really fun!  They take you by Lover’s Beach and Land’s End, serve you food & drinks, and throw a pretty awesome party on the upper deck!

The Arch at Land’s End

Snorkeling at Chileno Bay

Party time on the boat!

Someone go parasailing with me next time!  Jeremy is scared of heights.

People hang gliding by the beach.

Loved the soft gentle pastel colors near sunset….

….and then these fiery red ones.

I took this on the plane above LA.  Loved how the clouds abruptly stop and reveal the city below.

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