Back in May, Alice and I headed to the US Virgin Islands for a wedding.  It’s gorgeous there!  The water is sooo blue (although while we were there it was a bit rainy so we didn’t always get to see it at it’s bluest).  We especially loved the island of St. John and it’s beautiful beaches!

Here are a few photos from our trip.  Looking forward to going back with Jeremy in January!

Magen’s Bay

Found this old wall and loved the way it looked with its many textures and layers of peeling paint.

Enjoying a sunset cruise around the island

There were smoothie shacks all around the island.

Funny story about this coconut…..we were walking down the street at night and Alice pointed out this guy walking past holding a coconut.  He heard her commenting on the coconut and asked her if she wanted it.  She told him she had no way of opening it.  Next thing we know, he had pulled a big machete out of his pants and was hacking away at the coconut!  It was so random!  But we enjoyed the coconut!

Poor guy’s boat flipped due to the rainy weather