A year ago we took a trip down to the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was GORGEOUS there and we had a great time snorkeling, relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and sipping Cruzan rum! I miss it and wish I was there now!

The U.S. Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean and consists of three islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. We stayed on St. Thomas and a couple of times took a ferry to visit the smaller island of St. John. Since most of St. John is a national park, it’s natural beauty has been well-preserved, and it’s easily one of my favorite places!

We also took a day trip to the British Virgin Islands to see the Virgin Gorda Baths (which are incredible!) and to grab a drink at the Soggy Dollar Bar (which you have to swim to from your boat). I’d definitely recommend at least a day trip to the British Virgin Islands.

US-Virgin-Islands-01 Day 1: Explored the island of St. Thomas. There are iguanas roaming around everywhere. This guy was chilling on a tree right outside our balcony.
US-Virgin-Islands-02 US-Virgin-Islands-03 Climbed the 99 Steps in Charlotte Amelie
US-Virgin-Islands-04 Magen’s Bay
US-Virgin-Islands-05 US-Virgin-Islands-06 US-Virgin-Islands-07 US-Virgin-Islands-08 Day 2: Took the car ferry over to St. John
US-Virgin-Islands-09 Trunk Bay…..amazing!!!
US-Virgin-Islands-10 US-Virgin-Islands-11 Leinster Bay…the water everywhere was sooooo blue!
US-Virgin-Islands-12 US-Virgin-Islands-13 US-Virgin-Islands-14 Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins
US-Virgin-Islands-15 US-Virgin-Islands-16 Annaberg Sugar Plantation, St. John, US Virgin Islands US-Virgin-Islands-18 Cinnamon Bay
US-Virgin-Islands-19 US-Virgin-Islands-20 US-Virgin-Islands-21 Day 3: Woke up bright & early for a day trip to the British Virgin Islands
US-Virgin-Islands-22 US-Virgin-Islands-23 US-Virgin-Islands-24 US-Virgin-Islands-25 Virgin Gorda Baths
US-Virgin-Islands-26 US-Virgin-Islands-27 Soggy Dollar Beach
US-Virgin-Islands-28 US-Virgin-Islands-29 Day 4: Back to St. John for more sun & sand!
US-Virgin-Islands-30 US-Virgin-Islands-31 US-Virgin-Islands-32 US-Virgin-Islands-33 US-Virgin-Islands-34 US-Virgin-Islands-35 US-Virgin-Islands-36 US-Virgin-Islands-37