Last week was my birthday and we celebrated in style……Jersey Shore style that is!  Alice and I both have birthdays in October, so we decided to throw a Jerseylicious birthday bash together and it was such a blast!  I have no shame in admitting that I watch Jersey Shore (hey, everyone needs their “reality TV” fix), and that I even made a ringtone of Pauly D saying “Oh yeah…Wake up, yeah!”

We originally planned to throw an 80’s themed party, but at the last minute decided a Jersey Shore themed party would be even more ridiculous and outrageous.  Well, our friends did not disappoint!  Everyone came dressed in their best Ed Hardy shirts, animal print dresses, Snooki poofs, and fake tan!  You all are awesome!

I promise we don’t normally dress like this. =P

Darla showing off her amazing abs, and Lydia with Charlie, the lobster Snooki tried to save from being cooked.

The guys beating up the beat!

The bday girls with our cake

And to top it all off, I got to preview Conan’s new show on my birthday!  It was hilarious!  Can’t wait for his new show to premier this Monday!