Just in time for the holidays, a helpful little tutorial on how to tie the perfect bow!

I know most everyone knows how to tie a bow, but I learned how to tie bows this way from a gift wrapping book my mom had a long time ago and this ensures a straight & perfect bow every time…which  also turns out to be very useful for weddings, especially when tying a bow on the back of a bride’s dress. =)


Finally getting around to sharing this gorgeous wedding in Pasadena that I helped James of Per Pixel Photo photograph earlier this year!  So many sweet moments and gorgeous details. <3

Getting Ready:  Westin Pasadena

Hair & Make-up:  Kelly Zhang

Florist:  Flower Allie

Ceremony:  First Baptist Church of Pasadena

Reception:  Pandora on Green

Wedding Coordinator:  Kayla Lee

DJ/MC/Live Entertainment:  Jimmy Koh

Another recent holiday family session!  Baby Harper was so sweet and easy to photograph.  Love her cute smile and blue eyes!

La_Cañada_family_session_05La_Cañada_family_session_02La_Cañada_family_session_01La_Cañada_family_session_04La_Cañada_family_session_03La_Cañada_family_session_06 La_Cañada_family_session_08La_Cañada_family_session_09La_Cañada_family_session_07La_Cañada_family_session_10 La_Cañada_family_session_11

Some super cute details from a Korean 1st birthday party I photographed earlier this year!  Especially loved the birthday cake and the handmade doljabi items!

Koreal_Dol_01 Koreal_Dol_03Koreal_Dol_02Koreal_Dol_05Koreal_Dol_07Koreal_Dol_08

Love this adorable family!  Little Amelia was so full of energy, running around everywhere and keeping all of us on our toes!  And I really liked the color of their outfits – mint/teal is one of my favorite colors. =)

Pasadena_family_session_01 Pasadena_family_session_02 Pasadena_family_session_03 Pasadena_family_session_04 Pasadena_family_session_05 Pasadena_family_session_06 Pasadena_family_session_07

A couple of months ago I traveled to France to attend the wedding of my friends Kim Le & Jason! I got to spend about a week in Paris seeing the sights and enjoying the city with my friend Michelle. I’ve been to Paris before but have always wanted to visit again. In college I took a weekend trip to Paris while studying abroad in England. That trip was quite an adventure, to say the least. Oh the stories I could tell you from my brilliant idea of staying at a hostel in zone 5! Thank goodness I hadn’t seen the movie Taken yet.

This time around it was nice to explore the city at a more relaxed pace. We also had a wonderful friend & host, Kerri, who let us stay with her at her adorable Parisian apartment, and who took us to some fantastic places to eat & drink. And the weather in September is amazing!

Here are some of my photos from the trip. Of course I took a bazillion pictures (it’s Paris!!), so this is part 1 of our adventures. Enjoy this first set and stay tuned for more! =)

Paris_France_01 Paris_France_02 Paris_France_03 Paris_France_04

A delicious lunch at Le Loir dans la Théière.  They serve the biggest slice of lemon meringue pie ever!  It’s hard to tell from my picture (and ours wasn’t as tall as others) but it’s seriously like 7 inches high!
Paris_France_05 Paris_France_07 Paris_France_08 Paris_France_09

Amazing falafel at L’As du Fallafel!Paris_France_10 Paris_France_11

We took a bike tour around Paris with Bike About Tours. It was a ton of fun and a great way to see the city! Also, I’m so proud of Michelle…it was maybe only her fifth time riding a bike and she did great navigating through the streets of Paris!Paris_France_12 Paris_France_14Paris_France_13

Paris also has an awesome bike share network called Vélib.  It’s 1.70€ (about $2.50) for a day ticket, and each time you check out a bike that day the first 30 minutes are free.Paris_France_15Paris_France_17Paris_France_18 Paris_France_19

Loved all the different bikes in Paris, and loved seeing so many people biking!

Paris at night is so beautiful!Paris_France_21 Paris_France_22Paris_France_28

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

There is so much to be grateful for but today’s post is dedicated especially to my mom!  Two years ago we discovered her breast cancer had relapsed.  I know for myself it was a time of uncertainty and fear.  I didn’t if she was going to be ok.

My mom, however, has always been an incredibly strong person and even in the face of uncertainty she remained so positive. All throughout her chemo treatments she continued to go to work and attend church, and she never once complained even though I know the chemo treatments were rough on her.

I’m happy to say that she is now cancer free!  She completed her radiation treatments in October of 2012 and I took these photos of her shortly thereafter as her hair was growing back out.  It’s grown back even more now but I think the short hair was a really good look on her!

Mom, you have always been an incredible example of strength, faith, and perseverance.  I am so blessed to call you my mom and so grateful you are still here with us! Love you, Mom!

Mom01 Mom02 Mom03 Mom04 Mom05

Leti_Matt_wedding_02 Leti_Matt_wedding_04 Leti_Matt_wedding_05 Leti_Matt_wedding_06 Leti_Matt_wedding_07 Leti_Matt_wedding_08 Leti_Matt_wedding_09 Leti_Matt_wedding_10 Leti_Matt_wedding_11 Leti_Matt_wedding_12 Leti_Matt_wedding_13 Leti_Matt_wedding_14 Leti_Matt_wedding_16Leti_Matt_wedding_17Leti_Matt_wedding_15 Leti_Matt_wedding_20Leti_Matt_wedding_19Leti_Matt_wedding_21 Leti_Matt_wedding_22 Leti_Matt_wedding_25 Leti_Matt_wedding_26 Leti_Matt_wedding_28 Leti_Matt_wedding_30 Leti_Matt_wedding_31 Leti_Matt_wedding_32 Leti_Matt_wedding_33 Leti_Matt_wedding_34 Leti_Matt_wedding_35 Leti_Matt_wedding_37Leti_Matt_wedding_36Leti_Matt_wedding_39Leti_Matt_wedding_38Leti_Matt_wedding_41 Leti_Matt_wedding_42 Leti_Matt_wedding_43 Leti_Matt_wedding_44 Leti_Matt_wedding_46Leti_Matt_wedding_45

Ceremony:  First Chinese Baptist Church

Guys Getting Ready:  Courtyard Marriott Pasadena

Hair & Make-up:  E2 Beauty

Coffee Station:  New Frontier Coffee

Reception:  NBC Seafood

Photobooth:  Mebo Photo

Assistant Photographer:  Connie M Chung

Here’s part 2 of Sze-Wei and Brandon’s destination engagement session at Mono Lake!  Such an interesting and unique place to photograph at!

Mono_Lake_engagement_02 Mono_Lake_engagement_03 Mono_Lake_engagement_04 Mono_Lake_engagement_05 Mono_Lake_engagement_07Mono_Lake_engagement_08Mono_Lake_engagement_09Mono_Lake_engagement_10Mono_Lake_engagement_06 Mono_Lake_engagement_11 Mono_Lake_engagement_12 Mono_Lake_engagement_13 Mono_Lake_engagement_14

Mono Lake engagement

Mono_Lake_engagement_16 Mono_Lake_engagement_17 Mono_Lake_engagement_18 Mono_Lake_engagement_19