A couple of months ago I traveled to France to attend the wedding of my friends Kim Le & Jason! I got to spend about a week in Paris seeing the sights and enjoying the city with my friend Michelle. I’ve been to Paris before but have always wanted to visit again. In college I took a weekend trip to Paris while studying abroad in England. That trip was quite an adventure, to say the least. Oh the stories I could tell you from my brilliant idea of staying at a hostel in zone 5! Thank goodness I hadn’t seen the movie Taken yet.

This time around it was nice to explore the city at a more relaxed pace. We also had a wonderful friend & host, Kerri, who let us stay with her at her adorable Parisian apartment, and who took us to some fantastic places to eat & drink. And the weather in September is amazing!

Here are some of my photos from the trip. Of course I took a bazillion pictures (it’s Paris!!), so this is part 1 of our adventures. Enjoy this first set and stay tuned for more! =)

Paris_France_01 Paris_France_02 Paris_France_03 Paris_France_04

A delicious lunch at Le Loir dans la Théière.  They serve the biggest slice of lemon meringue pie ever!  It’s hard to tell from my picture (and ours wasn’t as tall as others) but it’s seriously like 7 inches high!
Paris_France_05 Paris_France_07 Paris_France_08 Paris_France_09

Amazing falafel at L’As du Fallafel!Paris_France_10 Paris_France_11

We took a bike tour around Paris with Bike About Tours. It was a ton of fun and a great way to see the city! Also, I’m so proud of Michelle…it was maybe only her fifth time riding a bike and she did great navigating through the streets of Paris!Paris_France_12 Paris_France_14Paris_France_13

Paris also has an awesome bike share network called Vélib.  It’s 1.70€ (about $2.50) for a day ticket, and each time you check out a bike that day the first 30 minutes are free.Paris_France_15Paris_France_17Paris_France_18 Paris_France_19

Loved all the different bikes in Paris, and loved seeing so many people biking!

Paris at night is so beautiful!Paris_France_21 Paris_France_22Paris_France_28