Things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes rain forces you to postpone a shoot.  Sometimes the location you’ve chosen ends up being closed.  Sometimes…it all turns out for the better.

Although we encountered a few tiny hiccups while trying to set up a portrait session together, the end result couldn’t have turned out better!  We had to switch locations last minute, but I really loved how the glowing foliage at the new location complemented their outfits.  Isn’t Nicole’s dress so cute?  And who doesn’t love a guy in a dashing suit…..and suspenders?!

Loved Nicole’s necklace!  I believe it’s from Flea Market Girl.

A frame they’ll be putting up in their new home.  They originally wanted to take some photos at their home, but it wasn’t quite ready yet.

They brought along a handmade quilt a friend made them for their wedding.

Nicole & Drew, thanks for having me photograph you two again!  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you these past few years.  You two are so great together!  Can’t wait for our next portrait session together….we must shoot at your original location!