I got my film back from the Condor’s Nest Ranch shoot!  I only shot 2 rolls of film that day…one on my EOS 1N and the other on my Holga.  I didn’t realize I had b/w film in my camera because it’s been over a year since I last used it, but I kinda like that they’re b/w.  And I’m digging the Holga pictures (the square ones) although, since it was my first time using it, some of the shots came out really underexposed.  I guess I’ll have to play with it more.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Let me know what you think! =)

A great big thanks to all the wonderful people involved in the shoot! Thank you AliceSarah, and Ming for organizing & planning the shoot!

Venue: Condor’s Nest Ranch

Models: Ali Hernandez, Kacee Geoffroy, Kaylie Wilson, Loni Paniagua, Matthew Linblad, Natalie Brewster, Rob Burdick

Stylists: Annaiz Rzepka & Aimee Eyre

Hair & Makeup: Clara Kim Beauty, Karla Montero, & Shelli Brewster

Wedding Gowns: Ferndales

P.S. Check out everyone else’s images from the shoot:  Adrienne GundeAlice HuCaroline TranConnie M ChungDuc DuongMing ChienSarah K ChenStephanie Ann, and Wai Reyes.