I LOVE proposals!  Just last night we were watching The Dilemma (we had a free rental from Redbox) and I totally teared up when Vince Vaughn’s character proposed.  No matter how simple or elaborate, proposals are always so exciting & sweet!

I was excited to be a part of Kevin’s proposal.  Kevin planned to propose at Huntington Library, but he needed a way to get her there.  So he enlisted her boss to fabricate a story about “meeting some donors” at the Huntington Library, and then asked a friend who worked at the library to meet her at the front and escort her to the “meeting”.  My job was to hide out in the rose bushes and capture the proposal.  As Lulu approached the rose garden, Kevin walked out and surprised her!

Kevin giving me the thumbs up as he gets a call from a friend that she’s on her way

Yes, those are pink diamonds on the band!

Afterwards, we took some portraits around the gardens.

Congrats again you two!!