I am at San Jose airport right now waiting for my flight back to LA, and it’s been great because they have these laptop stations along with free wi-fi.  So I have been getting so much done while I’ve been sitting here waiting!  To prove to you my productivity, here is Chris & Adrienne’s engagement session that I just finished editing.  I’m so glad they have free wi-fi here so I could upload these and share them with you.

I had a great time hanging out with Adrienne & Chris at the Griffith Observatory.  They recently finished remodeling the observatory and it’s open to the public again.  In all my years of living in LA, I don’t know if I’ve ever visited the Griffith Observatory until this year, but it’s a really beautiful place with great views of LA and the Hollywood sign, lots of hiking trails, and some pretty cool science exhibits.

Chris & Adrienne….thanks for a great afternoon and session!  Can’t wait to shoot your wedding this weekend!