It’s been quite a busy and exciting year for my family!  One wedding and two graduations makes for quite a memorable year.  A few weeks ago my brother graduated from high school.  I am so proud of Caleb!  It has been so exciting watching him grow and mature over the years.  He has such a big heart and he is always looking out for others’ needs.  He is also amazing with kids….can we say future baby sitter?  Haha….ok seriously now, not for a while.  I think me and my sister did him proud as his personal cheer team.  Who needs those annoying airhorns when you have lungs like ours?  It was fun running around being his personal photographer and seeing all the friends he had….or as he likes to call them, “business associates” (haha….inside joke).  Now that I’ve moved out of the house, I seriously miss hanging out with my brother, driving him around, and watching Hannah Montana together….er, I mean Monday Night RAW.

Congrats, Caleb!

My sister made this hilarious, multi-functioning fan with my brother’s face on both sides.  It was great against the heat AND for waving in the air so friends & family knew where to find us.

Someone set off some illegal fireworks on the street behind the school… was pretty AWESOME!  I know this picture doesn’t look that awesome, but believe me….it was awesome.

The family….no oompa loompas this time. =P

Admittedly, I’m not so good at the Bluesteel face….yet.  But in my defense, they’ve had hundreds of ruined family pictures worth of experience.

Oooooo….who’s that, Caleb?  (Hey, I’m his sister, it’s my job to tease him occassionally.)

Ms. Park, Ms. Park!