I headed down to Condor’s Nest Ranch again recently for a fun little photo shoot with some photographer friends.  We all wanted to get together and shoot some film since it’s been a while for most of us.  I started out shooting film many years ago, but lately my film cameras have just become decorative pieces on my shelf.  So this was a good chance for me to dust off my film cameras, and I also finally got to play with my Holga!  Unfortunately, you won’t get to see those pictures yet because I still have to drop my film off at the lab.  But as soon as I get my processed images back, I’ll share them here!

Every inch of Condor’s Nest Ranch is literally picture perfect!  I am seriously in love with it!  It was a bit rainy that day, and since I’m a wuss, I decided to stay indoors and shoot.  The light in the house is gorgeous, though, because of all the big windows & skylights!  Rzepka & Eyre did a great job styling the shoot, the make-up artists were fab, and all the models were so wonderful to work with!

I brought along my DSLR that day, too, so here’s a little digital goodness for you all!

Kaylie + Matthew


Natalie + Rob

A great big thanks to all the wonderful people involved in the shoot! Thank you Alice, Sarah, and Ming for organizing & planning the shoot!

Venue: Condor’s Nest Ranch – Thank you Bob & Lisa for letting us shoot here again!

Models: Ali Hernandez, Kacee Geoffroy, Kaylie Wilson, Loni Paniagua, Matthew Linblad, Natalie Brewster, Rob Burdick

Stylists: Annaiz Rzepka & Aimee Eyre

Hair & Makeup: Clara Kim Beauty, Karla Montero, & Shelli Brewster

Wedding Gowns: Ferndales

P.S. Check out these amazing photographers to see their images from the shoot:  Adrienne GundeAlice Hu, Caroline Tran, Connie M Chung, Duc DuongMing Chien, Sarah K Chen, Stephanie Ann, and Wai Reyes.