This past week has been a crazy whirlwind!!  I can’t believe it has only been a week since Stacey and Daniel got married….it feels like it’s been so much longer!  Friday morning was Stacey and Daniel’s rehearsal, and then all the bridesmaids spent the day hanging out before heading to bed early.  Saturday morning was the big day, followed by a yummy lunch reception at Lawry’s, and then an engagement session with my friends Johann & Wendy (stay tuned for a post on that).  Then Sunday I threw everything in my car and headed out to Vegas with some friends for a week of awesome at WPPI.  Made it home Thursday night, spent Friday recuperating, caught up on some work on Saturday….and then this morning I flew to SF and back for an engagement session.  Crazy!

And in the midst of that all, I somehow managed to find time to edit a few photos I took at Stacey’s wedding.  I mostly have tons of pictures of us getting ready in the morning, but I did manage to capture a few other cool shots while fulfilling my bridesmaid duties (which mainly consisted of standing there and looking pretty….and I guess maneuvering down the incredibly looonnnggg aisle without tripping).  I was really hoping my bouquet would be big enough for me to hide my camera in since I had such a great view of all the action on stage, but I’m betting Nate & Jaclyn got some pretty awesometastic stuff. 😉

I’m kind of obsessed with Stacey’s shoes

The girls of JAC Beauty working their magic!  And I must say that the 3 of them came in at 5 AM looking amazing!

Nate directing Stacey & Daniel on what to do

Jaclyn in action

The best man

While Stacey and Daniel were having tons of photos taken of them, I decided us bridesmaids should not be left out!

First Congregational Church, Los Angeles

The 16×20 I made for them from their engagement session

My pink toes!  I was amazed my pedi still looked sooo good even after a month, and I couldn’t bare to change them even though I thought they looked a little odd with my bridesmaid outfit.  Thankfully, Stacey isn’t a bridezilla and she didn’t mind that I had pink toes for her wedding.

Stacey and Daniel had a yummy, yummy reception at Lawry’s!

Our dresses were made by Theresa, and Stacey’s gown was made by Fionna.

Love love love their cake from Porto’s!

Nate is Found!

Me and some guy who just so happened to arrive after the ceremony but in time for Lawry’s!?!