Last week I went to Las Vegas for WPPI (more on that in another post).  While I was there, my friend Eugene invited me to take a tour of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon…..from the sky!  Eugene flies helicopter tours for Maverick and he was kind enough to take me along on one of his tours.

This was my first time flying in a helicopter and I was slightly nervous at first.  But Eugene is a great pilot, and as soon as we got up in the air, the beautiful views quickly made me forget about any qualms I had.  I loved that parts of the Grand Canyon were sprinkled with snow, and it was so cool to fly back and see Las Vegas in the setting sun.  Did I mention that we even swooped down into the Grand Canyon and made a champagne stop? =P

Thanks, Eugene, for such a cool experience!

The Hoover Dam

Eugene, the pilot

We made a stop in the Grand Canyon

Eugene & me

I picked up the new Kelly Moore bag at the WPPI trade show the day before and decided to test it out on our flight.  I must say that I absolutely love it!!  I’ve missed being able to conveniently carry my DSLR around with me when I’m out.  I used to put my Rebel XT in my purse and take it with me everywhere, but the 5D is a bit bigger & heavier, and not as easy to put in my purse.  I usually just forgo camera bags and hang my camera from my shoulder when I take it out.  So I’m really excited to have this new purse/camera bag!

The bag is really spacious and fits my 5D MK2, along with 3 lenses.  The front pockets can fit my wallet, notebook, chapstick, and all the other junk I like to bring with me.  And the side pocket fits my iPhone perfectly!  While I was on the helicopter, I had my bag on the ground in front of me and I loved that the bag stayed upright & open on its own, which made grabbing & switching lenses really easy.  And whenever we got in and out of the helicopter, it was really easy to slip the purse strap on & off over my head. Looking forward to using my bag “moore” in the future!