Sofia’s parents are two talented chefs who DIY’ed this “Berry Sweet” themed 1st Birthday for their daughter!  They handmade everything from the homemade strawberry jam favors, to the delicious array of food, to the super cute cakes!  Yes, that’s cakes plural because not only was there an amazing two-tiered display cake with cute little handmade strawberries on it, there was also an adorable sprinkles smash cake!  And doesn’t all the food just look soooo yummy?!

It was all such a beautiful labor of love and I’m so glad they asked me to help capture it!

Also, a big thank you to On to Baby for featuring Sofia’s 1st Birthday Party on their blog last week!

Sofia_1st_Bday_01 Sofia_1st_Bday_02 Sofia_1st_Bday_16Sofia_1st_Bday_03 Sofia_1st_Bday_04 Sofia_1st_Bday_05 Sofia_1st_Bday_06 Sofia_1st_Bday_07 Sofia_1st_Bday_08 Sofia_1st_Bday_09 Sofia_1st_Bday_20 Sofia_1st_Bday_11 Sofia_1st_Bday_12 Sofia_1st_Bday_13 Sofia_1st_Bday_14 Sofia_1st_Bday_15 Sofia_1st_Bday_17Sofia_1st_Bday_18