I don’t shoot with film that often but it’s a nice change of pace when I do. With only a handful of shots per roll of film, you have to make every single shot count! It really forces me to slow down and be much more intentional about what I’m shooting. I have to make EXTRA sure all my settings are correct, that the focus is spot on, and that everything is perfectly in place before I take the picture.

Once, I chased my dog around for half a day trying to get a photo of her. She was always moving so it was next to impossible. Plus with only 16 shots on my medium format, I couldn’t afford to just snap away like I do nowadays. I was finally able to snap ONE  single image of her. It’s my all-time favorite photo of her and it was sooo worth the time and effort!

Luckily I didn’t have to chase Alice & Tim around for half a day to get these photos. =P  They were so easy to photograph and wonderfully patient with the process.  Love you guys!

Contax 645 // Fuji 400H

Alice_Tim_01 Alice_Tim_02 Alice_Tim_03 Alice_Tim_04 Alice_Tim_05