Here’s another lovely wedding I second shot with the wonderful Miss Adrienne Gunde!  Liv and Greg had such a gorgeous DIY wedding at the LA River Center & Gardens.  And when I say DIY, Liv really takes the cake on this one – from hand dyeing all the bridesmaids dresses to baking her own wedding cake!  As Liv later mentioned in her “thank you” speech, her wedding diy projects didn’t always go as planned but Greg was always so supportive and helpful throughout it all. *swoon*

LA_River_Center_Wedding_01 LA_River_Center_Wedding_02 LA_River_Center_Wedding_03 LA_River_Center_Wedding_04 LA_River_Center_Wedding_05 LA_River_Center_Wedding_29 LA_River_Center_Wedding_07 LA_River_Center_Wedding_08 LA_River_Center_Wedding_09 LA_River_Center_Wedding_10 LA_River_Center_Wedding_11 LA_River_Center_Wedding_12 LA_River_Center_Wedding_13 LA_River_Center_Wedding_15LA_River_Center_Wedding_14 LA_River_Center_Wedding_16 LA_River_Center_Wedding_17 LA_River_Center_Wedding_18 LA_River_Center_Wedding_19 LA_River_Center_Wedding_20 LA_River_Center_Wedding_21 LA_River_Center_Wedding_22 LA_River_Center_Wedding_23 LA_River_Center_Wedding_24 LA_River_Center_Wedding_25 LA_River_Center_Wedding_26 LA_River_Center_Wedding_27 LA_River_Center_Wedding_28