I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!   I, for one, could have stayed an extra couple of hours under my warm, comfy sheets on this gloomy September morning….but there is much work to be done….and pretty pictures to be blogged!

This is my last personal post from my trip to Taiwan and Thailand….and I saved the best for last!  Aside from the gorgeous wedding we shot, this was my favorite part of the trip…..the Angthong Islands!  I love traveling to tropical places, and next to the Cook Islands, these islands are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  I loved swimming in the warm, clear, blue water.  There were so many fish swimming around us when we went snorkeling.  We kayaked from one secluded beach to the next, and the sand on these beaches was soooo soft.  And everything around us was so incredibly serene and beautiful!!  I could have stayed forever!  When it was time to leave, I literally wanted to cry.

Enjoy this small glimpse into paradise!

Fish swarming a piece of bread

The steep walk up to see the Emerald Lake

Talay Nai (Emerald Lake) – a salt water lake within a moutain

The view from the top!