Ever since our last trip to Oahu, we’ve been wanting to go back soooo badly!  Jeremy actually lived on Oahu for a summer, working for the Navy at Pearl Harbor, so he loves going back to visit whenever he can.  And I love the beaches, the weather, and the FOOD!  Every time I found out one of our friends was going to Hawaii, I would beg them to pack me in their suitcase & bring me along.

After a wonderful four days on Maui, we headed over to Oahu where we met up with some friends from LA.  You should have seen the schedule we made….I’m pretty sure over half of our “must-do’s” involved food!  Good thing it’s been 4 years since the last time I overindulged in Hawaii. =P

Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery

Hiking at Manoa Falls

This adorable little dog at Snorkel Bob’s fell asleep on our fins, and later on my camera.  So cute!

Halona Blowhole

Bubbie’s ice cream…..so yummy!

Pali Lookout

Boots & Kimo’s banana macadamian nut pancakes…BEST PANCAKES EVER!!  And don’t forget to order some portuguese sausage on the side!

Kailua Beach is one of my favorite beaches.  Isn’t the water color gorgeous?!

Leonard’s malasadas

Had a chance to meet Marina Miller of Red Heart Photo & her adorable son Riley!

I LOVE the avocado burger from Kua ‘Aina!  Check out how much avocado they put on there!  Probably my favorite burger anywhere.  Too bad they closed the one in Santa Monica.

In search of sea turtles, we set out on a long trek over treacherous lava rock and sinking sand and nearly missed this guy laying around on the beach because we were so focused on getting through the rock & sand.  I yelled in excitement when I spotted it!

Polynesian Cultural Center

Waiola Shave Ice – great shave ice…but beware the scary Canto lady!

Ahi poke, edamame, unagi, spam musibi, & portuguese sausage meatloaf from Foodland…it doesn’t get much better than that!

LA’s bright lights