Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time in downtown LA.  It’s kind of our new favorite place to hang out!  Which is a little weird to say because not long ago downtown, to me, was analogous with empty & deserted streets.  But lately a lot of new restaurants & bars have been popping up, and I’ve been developing a new love for LA!

Last night we hit up Downtown LA’s Art Walk again.  We’ve been trying to go almost every month lately.  It’s a good excuse to get out of the house & hang out with friends.  There’s lots to do and see – art galleries, live music, a flea market, food trucks, performance art…..and tons of other randomness!  And it’s amazing how many people are out walking around the streets of downtown!

Downtown LA Art Walk is the 2nd Thursday of every month… mark your calendars & I’ll see you there!

Screenprinting at Crewest for their Pedal & Prints exhibition

Tamales from “The White Girl Tamale Maker

A tiger with two butts?!

Coolhaus is probably my favorite food truck!  Their foie gras honey gastrique last night was amazing!!

Angel’s Flight reopened after being closed for nearly 10 years so we took a 25cent ride up

The Hair Cowboy cutting hair on the street.  I hear he’s pretty good.  Maybe next time I see him I’ll ask him for a cut.

Jeremy was shooting some video of the Hair Cowboy at work…..when Jesus walked by!!

Live music at The Mezz – a new jazz club in downtown