SXSW was amazing!  Tiring….but I had such an awesome time covering shows/bands with Michelle.  I literally took a gabillion pictures while we were there, and there are a few more I want to share, so here’s one last post to wrap-up our trip to Texas.

First off, here’s a quick 2 minute video I put together with some short clips I shot throughout our trip. [Shot with a 5D MK2]

Lots of wristbands to wear!

The Minor Mishap Marching Band

It was literally a party all day & all night in Downtown Austin.  The streets were always packed!!

We encountered lots of randomness on the streets!

Enjoyed lots of Lone Star and Tex Mex!

“It’s a party in the USA!”

After the madness that is SXSW, we spent Sunday relaxing & decompressing.  We slept in, perused the cute little shops on South Congress, enjoyed some coffee, and then met up with my friend Jason (of Texas-based Table 4 Weddings) who took us to Hill Country for a hike.

After our little hike, we had Jason take us to Congress Bridge to see the BATS!  While we waited for the sun to set & the bats to wake up, I realized Michelle & I had spent 5 days together in Texas and didn’t have a single picture together, so Jason helped us fix that!

Bat crazy! (NO, that’s not dust on my sensor. =P)

It was really hard to focus on the bats so, sorry, this one’s a little blurry.

And finally, a fun night at Trudy’s with the best Mexican martinis ever! (Where did that crown come from?!)