I have some of the most awesome clients ever!  Two of them in particular got us a “backstage pass” to LAX and gave me the opportunity to photograph on the tarmac and in the engine of a plane.  How incredible is that?  You might be wondering how they pulled this off.  Well, Dee Dee & Jonathan both work for the “Luv” airline.  Dee Dee plans the company events, and Jonathan is the station manager for Southwest at the SF airport.  They actually met at a company party that Dee Dee planned!  So when coming up with ideas for their engagement session, they quickly knew they wanted to take pictures on one of their planes and they made it happen.

Dee Dee & Jonathan are two of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Even after we were done shooting, we spent a good half hour at LAX just chatting and chatting away.  And we probably could have gone on & on were it not for the fact that Jer & I had to get to worship practice.  Anyhow, I’m so glad they found me and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the end of this month!  Before I get to the pictures we shot at LAX, here are a few shots we grabbed at Manhattan Beach in the gorgeous morning light.  I love sunrise shoots!

I love how the sky is a soft bluish-purpleish-pink!

Now onto LAX!  Here is the plane as it’s pulling into the gate.

And here they are in the engine!

We even got to go in the cockpit!

A great big shout out to the wonderful Southwest crew at LAX!  They were all so friendly & accommodating, and they even shut down half the counter so we could shoot on the luggage belt.

Jer grabbed this picture of me getting the above shot.

Lastly, a shot of their lovely invitations.  Jonathan proposed to Dee Dee using post-it notes, so their invitation is spelled out on a little pad of post-its.  So cute!  Jonathan’s sister designed their invitations.  She is an amazing graphic designer whose work I actually came across about 2 yrs ago when I first started planning my own wedding.  Check out her work at www.passing-notes.com.