A few weeks ago, Jer and I went up to Portland to visit some friends of ours.  It was nice to get away for a little bit since both of us having been working like crazy lately.  We always love visiting Portland; hanging out with Viv, Lloyd, and Dan; and eating at all the yummy places Viv has discovered.  My favorite place was Flavour Spot.  Their dutch tacos – waffles wrapped around turkey, bacon, and cheese (and tons of other delicious combos) – are genius!  I wish LA had awesome food carts like that.

All of us also took a road trip up to Seattle, so stay tuned for more pictures.

Also, I just discovered this cool little app for Macs called Poladroid.  You just drag a picture onto the polaroid camera, and out pops a digital polaroid.  I’m totally addicted.  Almost as fun as real polaroids…without the expensive film.  All these pictures were processed using Poladroid.