Two weeks ago I headed up to Big Bear to help out with my church’s summer camp.  I hadn’t really planned on serving this year because I’ve been pretty swamped with work, but then my friend Will from Epicentre was invited to lead worship for the week.  He asked if I could help with vocals and I just couldn’t say no because I really love helping out at our summer camp.  I haven’t led worship or sang in such a long time and I was started to miss it, so it was definitely awesome to be able to lead worship alongside such a great group of musicians.  As each day passed, it was so cool to see the kids open up more and more in their worship and really just let go and start worshipping from the bottom of their hearts.  And on the last night, I had the chance to listen to some of the testimonies from the junior campers, jr highers, and high schoolers, and it was such a blessing to hear what they had learned and how God was working in them!

Here are a few pictures I managed to get when I wasn’t leading worship or trying to get some work done in my down time.  Enjoy!
On the first night we always have a Praise Night with all 3 camps

300 kids or so

Not Lil Mama…..Phat Mama

Jr. High camp shirt/theme

Love Bert’s outfit

In a game of Dance Dance Imitation, she rocked the Napoleon Dynamite dance.

Inspired by Project Runway, the HS camp counselors had the kids design outfits made from trash.

Love the hair!

One of several bridal creations (for Mel Sam =P)

Made in Oregon

A tribute to Fanny Pak!  So sad they got eliminated from ABDC.

Tug of War in the mud pit

And then some mud pit Tic Tac Toe

Oh schnap!

And a few pictures of the band…

Will “Above All Else” on guitar

Anthony “Mini Brown Bear” on keys

Ryan “Loves Prayer” on electric

Ernest “Hu?” on drums

Ricky “the Candyman” on bass…..I love this guy!