Late yesterday, my “music informant” friend Michelle told me Sara B was rumored to be the surprise guest at Hotel Cafe, so with fingers crossed I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car, and we all headed to Hollywood.  We used to watch her perform at Hotel Cafe all the time, but now that she’s selling out shows and playing at bigger venues, I didn’t think I’d ever get to see her play at Hotel Cafe again.  I just love how small and intimate shows at Hotel Cafe are…150 people crowded around a modest stage in a dimly lit room…feels like it’s just you and the artist.  So when Sara stepped on stage along with Jay Nash, Joey Ryan, and Javier Dunn, I kind of wanted to kiss Michelle for being right.  Ok, just kidding, I didn’t really want to kiss you (well maybe). 😉

Each songwriter took turns playing one of their own songs, while the rest joined in and backed them up.  I call Sara B the queen of remixes because I’ve probably seen her perform about a half dozen times and I’ve never heard her play a song the same way twice.  She always changes it up, which keeps it interesting and makes her a great performer to see live.

Here’s Sara B singing Undertow

Jay Nash & Joey Ryan

Javier Dunn, Sara’s guitarist

Sara on a ukelele

Charles Gillingham, keyboardist from Counting Crows

The whole gang doing one last song

Here’s Sara singing Undertow

Also, love this song by Sara B & Ingrid Michaelson from the The Hotel Café presents… Winter Songs