I know Christi from way, way back when….we went to the same church when we were young.  I hadn’t seen her in years, and then one day I ran into her at a wedding I was shooting.  She had just gotten engaged and I remember checking out her gorgeous ring (I remember it because it’s kind of antique looking like mine….good choice, Michael!).  And then at our friend’s wedding, Jer and I ended up getting seated at the same table as Christi and Michael.  We got to talking and Michael is a pretty funny guy.  If my memory serves me right, when Michael first tried asking Christi out, he got denied!  But he didn’t let that get him down and he didn’t give up and now….well I guess you know how that story ends. 😉

Loving the orange wall we found!

I didn’t notice until after I had finished editing their engagement session, but I really like the colors they chose to wear.  The purple and red compliment each other nicely, and I love that the colors really stand out in the pictures and go well with all their surroundings!

We found this cool little art nook in Old Town.  I had no idea this was there and I’ve passed that alley so many times!  If you look closely, those circular things towards the top of the picture are magnifying glasses that are hanging as part of an art installation.

Another back alleyway led us to these wishing trees.  I had Christi and Michael write a wish and hang it on a tree.

Pasadena City Hall is gorgeous at night!