Cecilia + Wayne
BoaVentura Vineyard

Cecilia & Wayne could not have picked a cooler place to have their wedding…..I mean a vineyard + a barn…..that can only equal AWESOME!  On top of that, they had an ice cream social before the reception, Cecilia rocked some cute cowboy boots, and the whole bridal party got on the dance floor for some line dancing.  I love their style!

Their event planner, Sanli Yang, did a great job of making sure the day ran smoothly and was a real pleasure to work with.  And special thanks to Junshien for shooting with me that day and setting up some great shots.

The shoes Cecilia wore before she changed into her cowboy boots.

Their dog Indee was part of the festivities.

Bet you’d never guess this shot was taken in the restroom.

The ice cream got a little melty but that didn’t stop them from digging in.

They hung up their guests’ rsvp cards….look at all the cute responses they got!

Party time in the barn.

Instead of a bouquet of real flowers, Cecilia used a bouquet of pink flower spatulas for her bouquet toss.  What a creative idea!

Cowboy Boots + Line Dancing